TRUMPF is the world market and technology leader in the field of industrial lasers and laser systems. The broad range of solutions offers users everything they need for industrial material processing, from a single source: from laser systems and beam sources to beam delivery components, intelligent sensor systems and appropriate interfaces. Comprehensive applications support and a wide range of tailored services ensure easy integration and high availability worldwide.

In the field of pipe manufacturing and processing, different products are used. For the continuous welding of strips, tubes and profiles as well as welding of rotationally symmetrical components, TRUMPF offers flexible, individually configurable beam delivery systems that are easy to integrate. During the cutting of tubes and profiles, too, the numerous advantages of the laser come into their own. For comprehensive process reliability, TRUMPF offers sophisticated process sensor systems – from seam position control to thermography.

With the right tools you, too, can embrace the fourth industrial revolution in your production environment and secure an international competitive edge. TRUMPF works on making manufacturing processes more flexible, more efficient and more transparent, helping clients to make the best use of available resources and boost their overall productivity. Open interfaces and intelligent sensor systems have already opened the doors to continuous status assessments, remote access and quality data storage – these technologies boost the availability of production facilities and guarantee the traceability of produced parts. Laser marking turns the parts themselves into data storage media that can easily be connected to higher-level cloud solutions.

As an independent family business, we think and act long-term. Our drive to shape the future makes us a guarantor of continuous innovation.


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