The demand for ever more cost-effective serial production as well as the increasingly stringent requirements for product quality are constant challenges in today’s industry. The 3D Metrology systems of AICON offer innovative and efficient solutions for high-precision quality assurance and control, production monitoring, and serial production.

For 20 years, AICON’s optical tube measurement systems have been standing for efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires. Highly precise and fast measurement, programmable gauges, automated setup and correction of bending machines, reverse engineering of sample tubes, prototyping, , initial sample testing, automatic 100 % inspection – these are only some of the various application areas of TubeInspect.

The innovative principle allows for the measurement of any tube and wire geometry without elaborate preparation, independent of form, color or surface texture. Components with varying diameters or changing radii (free-form tubes) as well as cylindrical profiles, such as bent wires, molded tubes or even subassemblies of tubes and flexible parts can also be measured.

Even serial production requires high product quality. A further requirement is the ability to switch production to new models or model variants with minimal production delay. TubeInspect significantly reduces setup procedures: The system is ready for use immediately after nominal design data has been entered into the system.

With the software platform BendingStudio, TubeInspect can be directly linked to CNC bending machines. If the measurement of the workpiece indicates that adjustments in the manufacturing process are necessary, corrections are directly transmitted to the bending machine via the CNC program. The bending machine is quickly adjusted to a new product and delivers dimensionally correct components. Machine setup becomes predictable, down time is drastically reduced.


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