FOERSTER is a global technology leader for nondestructive testing of metallic materials. One of the ”Hidden Champion“ companies, FOERSTER operates worldwide with an extensive network of ten subsidiaries plus qualified representatives in more than 60 countries and works closely with its customers.

By using electromagnetic methods such as eddy current and flux leakage testing, but also ultrasound or inductive heat flow thermography diverse semi-finished products e.g. tubes, steel rods, wires and profiles can be inspected for flaws that are invisible to the naked eye. The systems and devices by FOERSTER are used in the steel and metal industry as well as in the automotive and aviation industry or the metalworking sector. Worldwide, FOERSTER products are renowned for their quality, precision, durability and reliability.

The FOERSTER service portfolio spans the development, the production, the sales and the service of the products. The technology leader lends support to his customers for the design, the realisation as well as the operation of the devices and installations as a competent system partner and solutions supplier - worldwide. This guarantees every single customer the suitable quality assurance for their production. - Quality made by FOERSTER.


Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG
In Laisen 70
72766 Reutlingen

Tel. +49 7121 140-0
E-mail info(at)foerstergroup.de


Contact person

Dr. Rainer Sailer
Sales Manager, Division Testsystems

Tel. +49 7121 140-212
E-mail sailer.rainer(at)foerstergroup.de


FOERSTER Shanghai NDT Instruments Co., Ltd.
Unit 502, Baohua Int'l Plaza
555 Guang Zhong Road West

Contact person

David Wang
General Manager

Tel. +86 21 2601 8320