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AICON 3D Systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of optical 3D metrology. The company, founded in 1990, develops and distributes portable coordinate measuring machines for the fields of inspection and testing including car safety and tube and wire inspection, as well as optical 3D scanners for the measurement of complex surface structures. AICON's reference list boasts renowned global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies from the aerospace industry, and the areas of shipbuilding, renewable energies and mechanical engineering. Far more than 4.000 of the installed 3D measuring systems worldwide come from AICON 3D Systems.

Today, in many industry areas optical and portable non-contact 3D measuring systems are standard equipment for efficient and high-precision production monitoring, quality assurance and control. With the product lines MoveInspect Technology, breuckmann Scanner and TubeInspect, AICON offers solutions for various inspection and digitization tasks.

The optical measuring system TubeInspect offers an efficient quality assurance in tube and wire manufacturing. TubeInspect is specially designed for the measurement of formed tubes and wires. Highly precise and fast measurement, programmable optical gauges, automated setup and correction of bending machines, reverse engineering of sample tube, initial sample testing, automatic 100 % inspection are only some of the various applications of the TubeInspect technology.

MoveInspect Technology brings together a wide range of optical measuring technologies in a high performance modular system concept. Due to the modular design, components such as sensors, probes and computers can be combined with the suitable software for each measuring task. MoveInspect Technology is coordinate measuring technology for an abundance of applications, whether static or dynamic, whether probing, tracking or targeting. In combination with the software platform BendingStudio and the handheld MI.Probe, MoveInspect also allows for the inspection of large tubes.

The product line AICON Scanner ensures a highly precise optical capturing of complex 3D structures. The patented miniature projection technique stands for efficient and cost-effective measuring and testing for various technical applications, e.g. surface inspection of metal components or deformation analysis of gears.

With products for automated test and process control, AICON opens new worldwide market fields and obtains outstanding growth. More than 140 employees work for AICON in both German sites, the headquarters in Braunschweig and the Scanner Innovation Center in Meersburg on Lake Constance. As of April 2016, AICON is part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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