Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH

As specialists in the areas of metalworking & cleaning, pre-treatment and paintshop materials, we develop and produce innovative products and individual process solutions.

The quality of our products and a partnership on eye level are for us the utmost priorities.
Our Kluthe system is a closed-loop system within which all upstream and downstream steps are coordinated.

With our cooling lubricants HAKUFORM® and HAKUFLUID we are in the highest performance class fort he processing of all materials. Speed and service life are the benchmarks we measure ourselves against.

With HAKUPUR® cleanliness is defined with ever greater demands. Tailor-made solutions also deal with the substance of residual dirt.

With our corrosion preventives CUSTOS® and HAKUDREN we protect and preserve value-respectively coordinated to the upstream and downstream processes and requirements.

This means the following for our customers: Innovative and individual problem solutions for the whole process chain!


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