Dreistern GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative machine tool manufacturer that was founded in 1949 and is family managed by  Dipl. Ing. Thomas Krückels in the 3rd generation.
Over the years Dreistern has become a global technology leader and a dependable innovation partner in the area of roll forming systems. Since 2008 the company Dreistern is DIN-certified (DIN ISO 9001).

Reliable machines, technology orientated on the requirements and a view beyond the machine that addresses the day-to-day aspects in a production business do characterize Dreistern. The Dreistern machines produce innovative and demanding products. These machines do secure  Dreistern customers an above-average success.
Products manufactured on Dreistern roll forming machines are found in almost every area of everyday life. As sun blind profiles they ensure a pleasant environment and energy efficiency in buildings. Hygienically clean, safe, welded aluminium and stainless steel pipes transport drinking water and hot water in heating systems. They are silent, very easy to use slides in kitchen and office furniture. In modern vehicles they safeguard the safety of the occupants even under the most difficult crash conditions. Logistics companies trust in quality profiles for their high-bay warehouses.

According to DIN 8586, roll forming belongs to the group of “forming by bending with rotating tool movement” production methods. During roll forming a strip of sheet metal is transported through a series of forming stations using at least one pair of rollers.
There is hardly a profile shape that Dreistern could not realise. During this process Dreistern roll forming machines achieve tolerances that were considered unachievable a few years ago. Dreistern implements low stress forming methods to an unusual degree. Profiles that have been manufactured in this way not only feature higher precision, but also lower cold work hardening. Dreistern profiles remain workable to a large degree. This feature is often a prerequisite for the integration of further process steps.

Dreistern has its headquarters in Schopfheim, a sales and service center in Arnsberg, a subsidiary in the USA and a service center in Hong Kong.
Dreistern has 230 employees and a training rate of 10%. The exportshare in 2014 was 90%.

Development of sales
Machines delivered per year: 50-60
Delivered machines since company foundation: 1,950
Average machine age: approx. 10 years




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