JULIUS Maschinenbau has been manufacturing machines for processing metal
strips for almost 60 years.

In 1980 JULIUS Maschinenbau developed the first champfering machine for strip
edge trimming and has since then become a specialist in the field of metal-cutting
strip edge trimming. The machines are used in various industries.

More than 350 machines have been integrated into tube welding lines to date.
Since 2007 JULIUS Maschinenbau is part of the Berger Gruppe under the direction of
Marco Chiesura and Dr. Andreas Groß.

The Berger Gruppe has its headquarters in Wuppertal (Germany). Over the past 15
years, under the operational management of Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH &
Co. KG, five further companies have been integrated within one group of companies,
the Berger Gruppe. Together with its five partners, JULIUS Maschinenbau forms a
strong team that offers competent solutions for strip and workpiece machining.

In addition to agencies in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, the Czech
Republic, Turkey, Russia and China, service and sales were expanded in 2003 with
our own company in the USA, Berger L.L.C.

The increase in the number of employees and the expansion of the product range led
to an expansion of the company at the location in Wuppertal. Today the group
employs 160 people in 6,500 m² of production and 1,500 m² of office space.

The core product range consists of approx. 250 mostly CNC-controlled machine
types and over 600 robot integrations. The group of companies has developed from a
standard machine manufacturer to a special machine manufacturer.

Thanks to the merger of complementary companies and the associated extended
product range, as well as the synergy effects in design, development and production,
the group offers complete solutions from a single source.

The Berger Gruppe has an annual turnover of approximately €25 million with an
export share of 70%. Between 80 and 90 machines are delivered worldwide every


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