RSA cutting technologies GmbH

RSA is a manufacturer of modular, efficient and reliable high-performance sawing centres, deburring machines, brushes and saw blades.

Since 1971, RSA has developed, produced and sold these machines and their tools. This means that the customers always receive the suitable modules which are used on their own or in connection with another machine.

RSA is a system provider and in this role it has always the whole process in mind. The products can be slotted smoothly into the customers' production process.

Every sawing centre can be combined freely with different modules, as a deburring and chamfering machine, as a measuring and cleaning system or as a portal and industry robot. In the area of deburring technology, the RSA produces different  deburring machines for tubes, solid material and profiles as well as metal sheets, non-ferrous metals or aluminium. Furthermore, RSA buids the corresponding tools - the high performance brushes. For this reason, RSA is the only company to combine the two areas.

RSA is a medium-sized company with ca. 100 employees that has its registered office in Schwerte. The RSA has an affiliated company in France and another one in Great Britain.

Since 2012, the brand HÄBERLE® belongs to RSA as well. For more than 50 years, HÄBERLE® has been producing sturdy and reliable metal saws and deburring machines for the metal-working industry.

Since 2010 the RSA has been run by the managing partner Thomas Berg and the managing director Markus Sommer.




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RSA cutting technologies GmbH
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