Profitably producing large and small batches as well is more and more becoming a central challenge for every profile and tube producer. The way to achieve this goal is via continuous improvement in the level of utilization of the available machinery, with increasing re-tooling frequency at the same time.

The managers in profile and tube production know what is important: the dependable high availability of every single machine, full compatibility within the machinery available so that production jobs can be easily moved from one machine to another and, above all, minimum time loss on a product change.

Precision profiles and tubes need robust processes
Producing precision profiles and tubes means supplying constant high quality day after day. This aspect requires robust processes that are largely immune to external effects.
This statement applies to the roll forming machine itself and to the entire production line including components such as welding or punching equipment. Dreistern roll forming machines and tube mills feature robust design and highly precise components at the same time.

These characteristics ensure precision under harsh conditions. Even after many years of very heavy-duty usage nothing changes on this front. Dreistern roll forming machines are easy to operate. As a result operating errors are avoided. This aspect is also an important element of robust processes.


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